Kindergarten Mary Poppins

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In our school the teacher works Pelikánova Paul focuses on music and physical education. Every day we train rhymes, patterned and dance to the accompaniment of a piano. However, children come into contact with English, in the form of short funny songs and poems. We work with educational DVD, such as: Baby Fit, Yoga for children, aerobic for children. We provide health exercises with music for the proper development of all muscle groups. We use outdoor terrain to strengthen skills. Encourages children to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Age group of children in kindergarten is 3-6 years.
  • Class capacity is 16 children.

Encourages children to be independent and self-service, pay attention to their hygiene.


Music - should accompany the child practically the whole day.

Art activities – drawing different pastels, watercolors, using a variety of materials. Paper folding, cutting, collage, bonding…

The development of the intellect - work with the book, worksheets, visits to museums, planetariums, language training, simple dramatic Stories, puppet

Work on the PC – educational programs for preschool children

English – effortless through games and songs

Regular visits to the salt cave - acting preventively přionemocnění upper and lower respiratory tract infections, asthma, allergies

Flute - Pelikánova teacher teaches flute within school


Nursery in nature - in the interests of the oldest children in the summer months travels out of town for a week

Each month some cultural events – theater Joy, Polaris, Planetarium, tech. museum, Fun Park Dobrák

Birthday parties - of course with their children celebrate important moments


In kindergarten we have our own aquarium have made themselves we care!

May we go with her mother to Italy

Encourages children to be respectful and teach them not to be indifferent to their surroundings